Drunk Driving

Unfortunately many people become innocent victims of other people’s drunk driving. Thousands of people die annually or are seriously injured in drunk driving accidents. These are no accidents, but willful misconduct. You may be entitled to punitive damages against a drunk driver that causes serious injury to you or a loved one.

If you are an innocent victim you must consult with Adam S. Goldfarb of GOLDFARB LAW to determine your rights and how to recover the appropriate monetary award . Adam S. Goldfarb of GOLDFARB LAW has litigated successfully on behalf of many innocent victims. He understands their pain, anguish, and loss of money due to medical bills and being out of work. He will be there to protect your rights, and work extremely hard and smart when it comes time for the insurance company to pay you what you rightly deserve. At GOLDFARB LAW, we won’t let them take advantage of you.


GOLDFARB Law offers free consultations to evaluate your legal case. It is very important to determine if you even have a legal case. If there is no case there is no fee. If there is a case you only pay when it is settled. Do not delay in taking the necessary precautions to insure your case has your best evidence. It is vitally important that the correct action is taken to preserve your evidence, investigate the accident and conduct and to file a lawsuit in a timely manner. This must be done prior to the statute of limitations lapsing.

You must contact GOLDFARB LAW before settling this claim yourself. Goldfarb Law has the experience and dedication to fight for your best possible damage award. California trial attorney Adam S. Goldfarb will work diligently on your behalf to help you recover the maximum monetary award you are legally entitled to. California trial attorney Adam S. Goldfarb will also negotiate for lower medical expenses. Let Goldfarb Law fight for you. GO FOR THE GOLD!

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