Employment Law

The United States and the State of California has enacted laws protecting employees and employers.
To protect your rights as an employee you should know your rights and the employer responsibilities.

If you think your rights have been violated or if you have questions about your rights you should contact Adam Goldfarb of Goldfarb Law. GO FOR THE GOLD and Contact Goldfarb Law: 310-477- GOLD (4653).

Some employment rights questions you may have:

  • When am I entitled to over-time pay?
  • I think I am being harassed by a co- worker.
  • My supervisor asks me to do chores unrelated to my job description.
  • When am I entitled to sick pay?
  • When am I entitled to a raise in pay?
  • I am a salesperson on commission, am I entitled to a minimum hourly rate of pay?
  • I think I was wrongfully terminated. Have my rights been violated?

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