Believe it or not insurance companies may not offer you a fair settlement.

The Insurance Company has a duty to deal fairly with Insureds. There is an unwritten covenant in all insurance contracts. This is a promise of good faith imposed by law upon an Insurer to always act fairly towards its Insureds in handling their claims. Insurance Companies must always meet the reasonable expectations of the policyholder and give at least as much if not more consideration to the financial interests of its Insureds than it does to its own financial interests.

Adam Goldfarb, an esteemed litigator of GOLDFARB LAW will use his years of experience in settling cases with insurance companies, to fight for you to get the fairest settlement possible. If the insurance company acts in bad faith in not settling a case for policy limits when they should be settling for that amount, GOLDFARB LAW will not hesitate to sue the insurance company on your behalf.

Do not try to settle your case, yourself. They may take unfair advantage of you. You may not even know it. This could cost you lots of money.

GOLDFARB Law offers free consultations to evaluate your legal case. It is very important to determine if you even have a legal case. If there is no case there is no fee. If there is a case you only pay when it is settled.

You owe it to yourself to contact GOLDFARB LAW before trying to settle any claims yourself. Goldfarb Law has the experience and dedication to fight for your best possible damage award. California trial attorney Adam S. Goldfarb will work diligently on your behalf to help you recover the maximum monetary award you are legally entitled to. He won’t let the insurance companies push you around. California trial attorney. Let Goldfarb Law fight for you. GO FOR THE GOLD!

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